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The Hacking Arts festival is Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) annual festival celebrating the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, and creative industries. Over two days, students and professionals gather at MIT to learn from incredible speakers, take in amazing performances, and test their imaginations in their hackathon.

Hacking Arts 2019 marked the seventh annual festival held at the MIT Media Lab, fostering community and celebrating innovation in the creative industries: Design, Fashion, Film/Video, Gaming, Music, Performing Arts, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Visual Arts.

Hacking Arts is organized by MIT Sloan School of Management students in partnership with MIT's Center for Art, Science, and Technology and the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship".

I was invited to speak about how I used the Stanford d.School Design thinking process to create my new full-length album, 'UI | UX'. The workshop also extended an opportunity to the audience to use design thinking to work through a complex technological and/social problem. At the event, I unveiled AIXA to the audience and performed a live demo.

Moreover, in the audience that day was another invited guest speaker, Hanoi Hantrakul who I thought gave an incredible presentation on the work he's doing within Google Brain and their Magenta software. He shared some interesting perspectives on sampling instruments from across the world without every leaving home. Gave insight on YACHT's grammy nomination for their collab with Magenta AI. Finally, he spoke on the missing sounds of Asia in most OOB sample packs that come with any DAW (which is true). I found him to be a kindred spirit and hope to someday get to do some meaningful work together either in music or tech. See pictures from the event below!