Born in America to parents of Jamaican and English descent, Dorsh was introduced to a variety of music at an early age. His great-grandfather, Eric Deans, is a legendary Jamaican musician credited in the Reggae Hall of Music as having a significant impact on the genre by fusing American R&B with Caribbean Calypso.


Having graduated from Butler University with a music degree in 2010, Dorsh hit the music scene with several successful releases, one of his most notable being "je t'aime" from his 2012 debut album Neopolitan. After touring Europe and playing some select shows throughout the US, Dorsh decided to move to the Blue Mountains of Kingston, Jamaica where he got his calling to open a recording studio. However, as life would have it, things changed and Dorsh ended up putting his music career on hold to focus his efforts on self growth, education, fatherhood, fellowship, and becoming one with his universe. Having achieved all this, Dorsh is now prepared to tell the story of where he has been, what he has seen and who he has learned.