Youngblood Hawke – “We Come Running”


This past Friday I had the chance to see Youngblood Hawke perform a stripped down set at the Soho House in NYC and I must say, it fell nothing short of spectacular. They began the set with their currently hit single “We Come Running” and immediately the people did just that, they came running to the sweet sounds. In all it was a very solid performance from the L.A. based group and they even managed to bless us with “Juicy” by Biggie Smalls midway through their set. For me, this speaks volumes to their character for breaking down a cultural stereotype that deeply underlined the Biggie/2pac, East coast/West coast war that consequently took each of their lives. I’m not 100% sure if this was their message for playing the track, but I saw it that way, and I think that is was super intuitive and down right fresh! I truly look forward to hearing more from Youngblood Hawke in the near future as I know their journey will be one filled with joy. Big ups to the entire crew for being such wonderful people, blessings!

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