Tuomo – “Don’t take it too hard”

Tuomo is a soul singer-songwriter & producer from Finland. I stumbled across his record “don’t take it too hard” last week at Onion Creek in Houston, Texas where a good friend of mine Dj Sun, holds residency. When I first heard the track, I got goosebumps and actually requested that it be ‘pulled up’ because I needed to hear the message again. At the time I was going through a rough spot deciding where my life was headed and how exactly I was going to execute all the plans I have for myself as an artist. And as I sat there and thought, I heard this song come on. Now, as most of you already know, I don’t live my life by coincidence, only co-incidents, and when I heard him say “don’t give up on your dreams, it all depends on you” I knew at that moment, that the journey was going to be whatever I made it. See, in this life, we are the captains of our own ships, and weathering storms is part of the job description. So if your ship crashes, “don’t take it too hard” because “we all have our problems” and in every mistake, there is a lesson. Bless up!

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