Yuna – “Live Your Life” (Dorsh remix)


In the spring of 2012 I was commissioned by FADER/Cornerstone Agency to do a remix for a new artist they were working with by the name of Yuna. She had just come off a west-coast US tour and was set to release a new album with a lead track produced by the one and only Pharell Williams. The directive was simple, make a remix that could live in the club, and people would love dancing to. I was nervous at first because I knew the track could take on a plethora of personalities, but I wanted to stay true to her sound and what Pharell had created for her originally. I took an entire day to learn the chords/harmonies from the original, and through my process of “Ideastesia” I began creatingI worked on the track non-stop for 2 days straight, and when I finished, I immediately knew it was a masterpiece. The song was eventually featured on a plethora of blogs and radio shows throughout the world, and Yuna’s mother (Anum Wahab) contacted me personally to say ‘thank you’.

I was extremely proud to have the song included on Cornerstone’s album #149 and to get praise from Internationally known and respected Producer and DJ, King Britt in the process. (His input was especially important because he was also commissioned to do a remix, and it was released first!). My contribution to the project really ‘put me on the map’ as a producer. It also showed me that I could ‘hang with the big boys’. I was super nervous when I first got the track and saw Pharell’s name on the credits, but I proved to myself that God truly blessed me with a talent.


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