Amy Winehouse – Just Friends (Dorsh Remix)

The Concept

Amy Winehouse was an incredible artist known not only for her powerful voice, but also for the pain and heartache she conveyed in her lyrics and her personal life. I can vividly remember being in Manchester, England in late 2006 when I first heard “Just Friends” at a club named Po Na Na (which I think no longer exists). I ended up buying “Back to Black” and it turned out to be one of my favorite soul albums of all-time. I was so devastated when I heard that she had died, I immediately grabbed “Back to Black” and started jamming it over and over and over. As I was listening to “Just friends” I realized that it was possible to respond to all the questions she was asking ‘her lover’ in the original (while leaving some room open for interpretation). Please fulljoy this remix I drew up for the ever amazing Amy Winehouse. I hope she’s in a better place and her soul can be free.