Je t'aime

Inspired by Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin’s 1969, “Je t’aime (moi non plus)”.

Video Shoot

This video was shot by Indianapolis videographer and director Jeremy ‘Jace’ Wallace. The concept was simple, Adam and Eve in the garden of eden. As an interracial couple, Kelsey and I had always discussed the ‘origin of life’ and how the bible attempted to explain such a complex issue. As we dug deeper into our spiritual conquest we began to realize that many cultures had different ways of explaining our human existence; and our ‘evolution’ into all the races and nationalities we represent today.  However, we decided to continue with the biblical story of Adam and Eve due to a key lyric in ‘Je t’aime’ that states, “Love, you betrayed me, but showed me life”. In the narrative, Eve betrays Adam when she eats the ‘forbidden fruit’ in the garden of eden. We stayed true to natural settings and shot the scenes at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Holcombe Gardens at Butler University. The video was shot in 10° weather and our ‘skin suits’ were homemade. The concept was born from love and I would have had it no other way.

Photo Shoot

Due to the in climate weather, the photoshoot was limited to shots taken during the “3 take” music video shoot. Jace worked tirelessly with us to get the best shots possible, but the snow and the patrons made it difficult. During our opening scene when kelsey is sitting on my lap (where the single cover comes from), a passerby thought we were actually naked and called the cops. When the police arrived we kindly told them what we were doing and who we were and they allowed us to continue filming ‘in the name of art’. We did have to stop for a while to get warm, but continued on to make the vision a reality. Not only was the 10° weather a challenge, but we were barefoot as well, which inevitably sucked all of the heat from our bodies.


I was born in born in America to parents with Jamaican and English roots, making me a “Jaminglican” Artist/Producer. However, for this track I reached deep into the French crates when I stumbled across Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin’s 1969, “Je t’aime (moi non plus)”. I compiled all of my early influences to create a beautifully crafted mixture of soul, pop, and disco all wrapped up into one. The identity of this song is somewhat different to anything else I have ever attempted because it truly came from a place of love. If I tried to make this song 1,000 times again, I don’t think it would ever come out the same way. It was truly a pleasure discovering myself at that time in my life, and also fascinating learning about the love affair between two greats in their own respects; Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.