Being Roskill

I received syncs for my original song “The Mulatto (afrodite)” in this Documentary.


My freshman-year at Butler University, my roommate and best friend was Callum Christopher Emo. Callum was from Aukland, New Zealand but had traveled all the way over to Indianapolis on a full-tuition scholarship (he was scouted by our coach through Youtube). He was a remarkably talented soccer player and had spent some time in Brazil training with top clubs like Santos and Fluminense. However, in a big game against Michigan, he suffered a debilitating hamstring injury that left him sidelined for the rest of season. Unable to fully recover from the injury, he returned to New Zealand before our spring semester even began. I’ve managed over the years to stay in touch with Callum, and last year he informed me that he started a video documentary series called “Being Roskill.” The documentary series was going to highlight him as head soccer coach and English teacher at Mt. Roskill Grammar, the high school in which he attended.

The series was ultimately an international success and he was featured several times on New Zealand national radio to tell his story, and this year is nominated as Young New Zealander of the year (an award that recording artist Lorde won last year). Cal is an amazing individual and friend, so when he reached out for music for the documentary, I immediately opened up my catalogue. He ended up using several of my tracks throughout the series and I couldn’t be more proud of him. The overall experience was amazing and it gave me a chance to work with audio for video. Please check out all the episodes in the documentary series here!