How To Find Your Next Favourite Artist(s)

Ignored Music is Often the Best Music

If you’re a regular on this site you’ll already be aware of the Un.Herd.Of movement, which aims to highlight music that people may otherwise have missed. Why do we aim to do this? Well, mainly it’s because some of the best musicians in history have probably gone their entire careers without ever being heard by more than a hundred people, and that’s an incredibly sad fact.

However, the internet has finally given music fans a way to find new music and help artists get discovered by those who can turn their passion into a (hopefully) well-paid career. But still, a lot of music goes ignored, and now that the gatekeepers are gone and almost anyone’s music can appear on YouTube or the iTunes store, finding new tunes to throw on while you’re knee-deep in work or PartyPoker is just as difficult. So how do you discover the unknowns?

Well, for starters, start using the right resources! iTunes is not going to help you discover obscure artists – certainly not as efficiently as community driven music sources like SoundCloud will. Being able to dig into what the community thinks is amazing, rather than record labels and the press, is going to be a big help when you’re searching for something new to treat your ears to.

It’s also worth considering attending local music events, because people playing local are probably aiming to play national, at some point. Look into the music immediately around you – there are countless globally famous musicians who were once local bands or solo artists, and by delving into their work and in turn promoting it to others who’d otherwise miss it, you’re doing the musician(s) a big favour, too.

Ignored music isn’t always amazing – often, it isn’t, and that’s why it’s ignored. But giving a track with few plays a chance takes minutes of your time, and it seems odd to splash out on new tunes from generic artists you’re informed are the best thing ever, rather than a hidden gem that might really be the best thing ever. Find your own happy tune space, and help make the people who created it for you even bigger in the process.

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