Henri Salvador – Chambre avec vue

Henri Salvador was 83 years old when he completed his final album Chambre avec vue (room with a view).  This beautifully directed video lets you into the mind of  the man born in 1917. He shows us how love can be peaceful and true as long as we imagine it to be that way. So, today be happy, show love, and see life through your ‘room with a view”. Bless up!

“Somewhere out there, in a room with a view

Somewhere out there, where the roses are blue

I’ve seen heaven, in a dream coming true

I’ve seen heaven, cause I’ve been there with you, peaceful and new

By a doorway in a room with a view

By a doorway on a wall painted blue

Fall and winter, and a picture of you

Tears and laughter, in the eyes I once new

Peaceful and true, Peaceful and true”



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