Dave Owen – “Hoes and Showz E.P.”

If you’ve been listening to drum-n-bass for the past 2 years, it would be nearly impossible not to encounter the name Dave Owen. With tracks like “Yo Girl” prepping to be released sometime soon and in heavy rotation on the BBC, Dave Owen is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in stateside DnB. With a solid understanding of sound and an awe-inspiring knack for crate digging, Dee Oh!’s crafting some of the slickest tunes this side of the Atlantic, just go ask LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Fabio or Bailey, whom all drop Dave’s tunes on the regular. The charismatic producer’s style blends hip-hop and old soul samples w/ crisp drums to create a sound that is truly unique. I had the pleasure of handling the mastering process for this album, and I was immediately hooked from the first time I hit play. Dave Owen and I are working on some ‘massive tunes’ and remixes which we plan to release this summer and throughout the fall, so be on the look-out! For now, fulljoy this splendid concoction of delicious drum and bass, bless up!

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