Fino du rap – “Us Mininu Bom” (preview)

A few months ago, “Super French” producer Kensaye went to Brazil and Argentina for 5 weeks. During his trip he met with some incredible MC’s, singers, and musicians and decided to collaborate. Here is a snippet of the first single, “Us Mininu Bom” off the Back to school project from Brazilian MC Fino du rap. Be on the lookout for the official release, bless up!

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Flomotion Radio – 1/23

Having earned respect from all four corners of the music world, Nick Luscombe is one of the UK’s most exciting and influential radio and club DJs. He is a highly regarded and in demand selector and musical curator for both venues and commercial brands. Nick Luscombe’s commitment to seek out new, forward-thinking music, has constantly won him new fans, sharing emerging and underground music discoveries through his radio shows and DJ sets. Since his first radio shows on XFM in 2000, to his programmes for BBC national radio in 2011, Nick has maintained an unswerving focus on quality modern music across many genres, styles and sounds.

Whilst he is currently working as a presenter on (Sony Award-winning) BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Nick also continues to produce and present his weekly Flomotion radio show on Resonance 104.4FM. His new, monthly in-flight version of Flomotion can also be heard on all British Airways flights and his mixes are regularly featured on Japan’s Alpha Station in Kyoto. His diverse radio selections include soulful and futuristic dance and non-club electronic music, with jazz, hip-hop and folk inspired sounds. As a globe-trotting radio producer, he has produced radio shows that have taken him far afield to discover the sounds of Cuba, Jamaica, Japan, South Africa and Morocco. He also produced BBC Radio 2 series The Sound of The City, presented by one of Nick’s musical heroes, the late Charlie Gillett. Fulljoy his latest posted set and stay tuned for the British Airways in-flight mix, bless up!

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Ska Rebirth

Winston” Sparrow” Martin is currently the musical director at Alpha Boys school in Kingston, Jamaica.  He has recently embarked upon a journey to reunite Jamaica’s youth with the original sound of ska, and spread it once again to the world, hence the name ‘Ska Rebirth.’

Several members of ‘Ska Rebirth’ have been formally trained at the prestigious Alpha Boy’s school, and most play more than one instrument.  The core foundation of the group lies within nine key members,  Odane Stephens (Keyboards), Kemroy Bonfield (Sax), Rayon Thompson (Sax), Camal Bloomfield (Sax) Lance Smith (Trumpet), Kemar Miller (Trombone) Rohan Meredith (Bass), George Hewitt (Guitar) and Winston Martin (Drums). The group is presently in the studio working on tracks for their first album, to be released during the week of Jamaica’s Fiftieth anniversary of independence in August 2012. The Band will then take off on its first promotional tour of the UK, Europe, The USA and Canada in support of the Album.

I am ecstatic to be working with Ska Rebirth as a Producer and Engineer on this upcoming album and I’m also happy to announce that, tonight they will play at the Jamaica jazz festival! As a special treat, here are two exclusive singles, from the upcoming release, ‘fulljoy’ them!

Ska on broadway

Something else

Below are some photos from the studio session:


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Andre Carvalho – Tempo do Tanto

Impeccable recordings mixed with A-class musicianship, Brazilian singer/guitar player Andre Carvalho has really opened my eyes to the amount of great music coming out of Brazil at the moment. From start to finish “Tanto do Tempo” takes you on a journey through his emotions while staying true to the beauty and complexity of his instrumentation and arranging talents. I hate to sound cliche’ but his guitar tone/style reminds me a lot of late Joao Gilberto, especially on tracks “Daquele Jeito”, “Alvo Certo”, “Nao tem fim”, and “Bom”.  I have really been wanting to explore the Rio music scene and I think I found a great place to start! Much respect to Andre Carvalho and his supporting musicans: Dadi( Guitar), Daniel Carvalho( Bass), Nando Duarte (guitar) and Carlos Sales (drums). Fulljoy this Thursday, and give thanks for all of the cultures we have in the world, bless up!

Download the Full album here:

Here are a few of my favorites:

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Kensaye|Ness Radio 6/1/2012

Super french producer Kensaye providing the soundtrack for the end of the work day. This mix is definitely getting the brain fluid moving. Some of these tracks will definitely see their own features, but for now just sit back and vibe. Be sure to tune in this weekend for a special set featuring, yours truly. Much respect mi breddah, Bless up!

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Fonseca – “Paraiso”


Born in Bogota, Colombia, Fonseca chose the path of music at an early age, creating and selling his first compositions to friends and family at the tender age of 12. Studying music formally at institutions such as Javeriana University in Bogota and Berklee College of Music in Boston, he honed his compositional and performance skills. Fonseca’s self-titled debut gained him considerable attention in Colombia, including the notice of artists like Shakira and Juanes, both of whom offered him subsequent collaboration and performance opportunities. Sharing the stage with Shakira on her Mongoose tour and Juanes at Campin Stadium in Bogota garnered Fonseca the recognition and momentum he would need for his second album. Corazón explores the crossroads where pop/rock influences meet the vallenato, bullerengue, and tambora rhythms of Fonseca’s native land. Released by EMI, Corazón was well received, reaching number six on Billboard’s Latin Tropical chart. Fulljoy this track from the incredible movie “Paraiso Travel”, bless up!

Fonseca – “Paraiso

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