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Dorsh – Neopolitan L.P.

Neopolitan is much like the ice cream it is named after. It’ s a mixture of Reggae, Electro, Disco, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dubstep, and R&B, flavors all blended into one creamy collection. When I sat down to conceptualize the Neopolitan album, I realized with my given “Jaminglican” (Jamaican, English, and American) heritage, that I was in a unique position to represent a significantly large group of people authentically. Having spent my entire life as a soccer player in the U.S. and abroad, I wanted the album to mirror the workings of the World Cup, and its function to bring people together from all parts of the globe. Soccer exposed me to many cultures and I felt it was only appropriate that I share my experiences through another universal language, music.

I made Neopolitan to show people that it is ok to be yourself, to celebrate differences, and to embrace more than ONE kind of music! People learn the best through music, and Neopolitan presents a new way to grasp the concept of a “diverse” album and artist.

Special thanks to: Kensaye, Innocent, Szjerdene, Amy Winehouse, Jane Birkin (UK),

Rastafani, Rio Sutherland, RJF, Oreo Jones, KG, Ron Miner, Gil Scott-Heron, Kamia White, Grey Granite, Zach Brown, DB Soundlab, Rad Summer (USA)

Serge Gainsbourg (France), Yuna (Malaysia), Bless up!

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Dorsh – “Belief (Dave Owen rmx)”

Soccer was my life for 19 years. It taught me the core values of life and discipline, while introducing me to a plethora of cultures from around the world. I am truly grateful for the game and everyone I have had the pleasure of sharing the pitch with. Fulljoy this tune remixed by drum and bass heavyweight Dave Owen which was originally produced by Kensaye (both from London)! Big ups to everyone for supporting Neopolitan, the full album drops next week, May 7th! Bless up!

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Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva N A Day Mixtape

Last week while on tour with Oreo Jones and DMA I spent a total of 35 hours in a car with only 2 cds, Clams Casino and Big K.R.I.T. ‘s latest project “4 eva N a Day”.  When I first heard “wake up” I was hooked, it is literally what I did, and I drove through the night with the CD on repeat for 6 hours straight. There are so many meaningful messages in his songs, it’s almost hard to listen to one without wanting to hear the rest of the album. I definitely have some favorites, but the overall project is so spiritual it’s kind of unexpected. I hadn’t really checked out much of Big K.R.I.T.’s work in the past, but I am definitely hooked. This guy is really onto something, I’m sorry I missed him at SXSW, but I’m sure our paths will cross. Listen to the entire album!! Jah guide and protect you all! Peace and love brothers and sisters :p

Dorsh Music Favorites: Wake up, Boobie Miles**,  4eva N a Day, 1986

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India Arie & Idan Raichel – “Gift of Acceptance” (MLK Special)

On this day in which we celebrate the birth of our sweet brother Martin Luther King Jr. may we be reminded that his message was not solely for Blacks but rather a universal message for all sufferers of inequality.  MLK’s  message was not against whites, but rather a message against intolerance and injustice.

Let us also not forget that Martin Luther king Jr’s message stemmed from the teachings of Ghandi, therefore his message was not one of separation but rather one of integration and acceptance.

Let us never back down in the face of injustice and inequality; however let us also not forget that the world is filled with many different flavors and styles. May we always seek to learn from the cultural, spiritual, and religious differences that make each one of us unique.

Here’s a track from India Arie and Idan Raichel to help you through the day. Martin would have been proud.

India Arie and Idan Raichel – “Gift of Acceptance”


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Fuel Box – “I” [Full album]

I’ve come to find, when listening to new music, that your overall opinion on the project will ultimately depend on your mood before going into it. This morning I had a serious web site scare with dorshmusic, but it really just made me realize how much I value the site, the people who contribute, and the people who submit.

I’ve had Dutch duo Fuel Box playing all morning, and alluding to my aforementioned mood, let’s just say they turned my frown upside down. Their sound combines old soul, blues, dub and modern hip-hop into catchy, psychedelic, soul pop songs. In my opinon, I can hear influences from acts such as Nightmares on Wax “Bits & Bytes”, “So much soul”, The Black Keys “Get out”,”What you do for love”, and Jamiroquai “Cool”, “One Day”. There are definitely reggae undertones all throughout the album as well, which is super cool!!! I can’t single out any one track just yet as a favorite, but all the ones I took time reference above are fresh. I’m excited to see what else is to come from Producer Joshua Boon, and singer Remy Britsemmer. For now  fulljoy the sounds and remember, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone (or almost gone :P)”. Bless up!!

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