Youngblood Hawke – “We Come Running”

This past Friday I had the chance to see Youngblood Hawke perform a stripped down set at the Soho House in NYC and I must say, it fell nothing short of spectacular. They began the set with their currently hit single “We Come Running” and immediately the people did just that, they came running to the sweet sounds. In all it was a very solid performance from the L.A. based group and they even managed to bless us with “Juicy” by Biggie Smalls midway through their set. For me, this speaks volumes to their character for breaking down a cultural stereotype that deeply underlined the Biggie/2pac, East coast/West coast war that consequently took each of their lives. I’m not 100% sure if this was their message for playing the track, but I saw it that way, and I think that is was super intuitive and down right fresh! I truly look forward to hearing more from Youngblood Hawke in the near future as I know their journey will be one filled with joy. Big ups to the entire crew for being such wonderful people, blessings!

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Pale Seas – “Something or Nothing”

Earlier this week I mentioned that I wanted to get back into finding more indie rock ‘jawns’ [in my jon moore voice]. Well, I stumbled across this today on twitter via the lovely folks over at “London’s Pale Seas (formerly called Netherlands) will be releasing their debut single “Something or Nothing” on March 5 through Fear &Records (UK) and Fastcut Records (Japan).” Fulljoy it!

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Oreo Jones – “Stay Away”

Earlier this month I was approached by one of nap towns finest MC’s Oreo Jones to help produce a track for x103’s tribute album to Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. The outline was simple, it asked,  “if you woke up one morning and wrote a song off of the Nevermind album, what would the song sound like?” When we initially listened to the track it definitely brought back childhood memories, but we wanted to take things in a different direction. We knew that we were nirvana fans, but looking through our current music selections we realized that our taste had changed overtime. After contemplating for hours and lighting our last stick of ‘incense’ (haha) we decided to write completely original music but keep Cobain’s emotions. “Stay away”  is very dark, and at times angry recording, but Oreo is a gentle wolf,  so the two just didn’t mix… We played around with some sounds and drum patterns, and finally it clicked… Long story short, this is what we came up with and I couldn’t be happier!

Oreo Jones ft. Lisa Berlin – “Stay Away

I want to give special thanks to Lisa Berlin for supplying the beautiful background vocal harmonies, Chris Kellar for being the most passionate and amazing drummer I know, and Oreo for sticking it out for long hours at my studio. Also, I want to thank X103 for this amazing opportunity, all the other bands that participated in the making of this wonderful album, the Pop Machine for lending their talents, and Kurt Cobain for a lifetime of genius of recordings. Bless up!

You can download the entire album HERE!!

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Labor Day Listenin’ – Free mixtape for the weekend

Whether you’re taking the week off work, just getting out of school, or on a road trip, fulljoy this free mixtape for the holiday. Bless up!

** Ian Pooley – “900 degrees” and Kanye West/Jay – Z’s “Ni**as in Paris” could not be streamed due to copyright issues. If you would like to listen to those tracks, you’ll have to download the entire mix. Cheers!

Labor Day Listenin’ by dorshmusic



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