Rastamonday – (Santigold – “Disparate youth”)


“Most of the world knows Santi White by the name Santigold, her stage name, and the title of the 2008 debut album that got everyone talking. Now it’s the Philly-born singer’s upcoming album that’s making headlines. Coinciding with the NYT premiere of the cover art for the May 1 album Master Of My Make Believe, is the release of Santi’s second video off the album: an island adventure for the single “Disparate Youth.”
Take a look as Santi treks through a “Lost”-like landscape in search of enlightenment, which she may or may not find after encountering the painted boys of an island tribe. The single drops April 9, bless up!

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Ska Rebirth

Winston” Sparrow” Martin is currently the musical director at Alpha Boys school in Kingston, Jamaica.  He has recently embarked upon a journey to reunite Jamaica’s youth with the original sound of ska, and spread it once again to the world, hence the name ‘Ska Rebirth.’

Several members of ‘Ska Rebirth’ have been formally trained at the prestigious Alpha Boy’s school, and most play more than one instrument.  The core foundation of the group lies within nine key members,  Odane Stephens (Keyboards), Kemroy Bonfield (Sax), Rayon Thompson (Sax), Camal Bloomfield (Sax) Lance Smith (Trumpet), Kemar Miller (Trombone) Rohan Meredith (Bass), George Hewitt (Guitar) and Winston Martin (Drums). The group is presently in the studio working on tracks for their first album, to be released during the week of Jamaica’s Fiftieth anniversary of independence in August 2012. The Band will then take off on its first promotional tour of the UK, Europe, The USA and Canada in support of the Album.

I am ecstatic to be working with Ska Rebirth as a Producer and Engineer on this upcoming album and I’m also happy to announce that, tonight they will play at the Jamaica jazz festival! As a special treat, here are two exclusive singles, from the upcoming release, ‘fulljoy’ them!

Ska on broadway

Something else

Below are some photos from the studio session:


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