Rastamonday – (Rhian Ayanna “Home”)

“Born in New York and reared in the West Indies, Rhian was destined to breathe notes filled with diversity, warmth, and spice. The same voice that has journeyed through Gospel and Jazz realms can just as easily ease into a Caribbean melody and mix it up with urban flavors. Much like a chameleon, Rhian is able to take on the colors of the music that surrounds her, becoming one with sound and vibration. With a quality such as this, it is no wonder that her nation-wide experiences include performances at the Blue Note Jazz Club, a vocal appearance on RH Factor’s 2004 Grammy-nominated Strength EP and background vocal performances with Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets.” Fulljoy your Rastamonday and this amazing record from Rhian Ayanna, bless up!

Rhian Ayanna – “Home”

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Rastamonday – (Sizzla “What’s wrong with the picture”)

Sizzla has always been one of my favorite artists, solely because he speaks the truth about whatever is on his mind or in his heart. Know for his classic “bun a fire” chant, Sizzla is easily one of Jamaica’s most discernible artist worldwide. Fulljoy this record from  the Xterminator Family (Jesse Royal, Kayla Bliss & Sizzla Kalonji). Bless up!

Sizzla – “What’s wrong with the picture



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Rastamonday – (Hugh Mundell “King of Israel”)

Mundell was still a teenager when he teamed with influential producer Joe Gibbs to record a still-unreleased single, “‘Where Is Natty Dread?” His first break came when he was hired as a DJ for Augustus Pablo’s Rockers sound system. His debut single, “Africa Must Be Free,” was released in early 1975. Mundell also recorded several 12″ singles as Jah Levi.

A teenage prodigy, he recorded “Africa Must be free by 1983” at the tender age of 16. The album received 5 stars from Rolling Stone Magazine. Although produced by Augustus Pablo, Hugh wrote all the songs, thereby earning himself the name “Blessed Youth”.

What seemed likely to be a brilliant career, was cut short when Mundell was shot to death in 1983 while driving in a vehicle with friend and fellow musician Junior Reid in Kingston, Jamaica. At the time of his death, Mundell had produced five LPs and numerous singles. Fulljoy this Rastamonday, and the sweet sound of this classic, Bless up!

“I love Jah Jah so, Jah Jah is real”

Hugh Mundell – “King of Israel

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Rastamonday – (Bob Marley x Funkstar De Luxe – Sun is shining)

“Breaking into the industry on the back of this 1999 remix of Bob Marley’s ‘Sun Is Shining’, Funkstar De Luxe has proved himself to be a consistent and high-quality remixer and a producer with great ability.

Funkstar De Luxe was born Martin Ottesen. He played keyboard in a funk band throughout the 1990s but bands like Kraftwerk opened his eyes and ears to the potential of synthesisers and samplers.

His remix of ‘Sun Is Shining’ blew up around the world. It sold over 1 Million copies worldwide, went Gold in South Africa, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark, Silver in France and the UK and was licensed to a massive number of compilation albums. The single stayed at 1 for 3 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Dance Chart and remained on the chart for more than a year.

‘Sun Is Shining’ was named ‘Track Of The Season’ on Ibiza and Funkstar De Luxe performed the track at the 2000 World Music Awards in Monaco where he was also presented with an award for ‘The World’s Best Selling Reggae Single’.

Funkstar De Luxe quickly followed up with another remix of a Bob Marley track, ‘Rainbow Country’. Which did extremely well and lead to Funkstar De Luxe being approached to remix the work of James Brown, Grace Jones and Mary J. Blige.” Fulljoy this Rastamonday and have a great week! Bless

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