Rastamonday – (J.Brookinz “You’re Mine” ft. Dorsh, Freddie Bunz, Grey Granite, Oreo Jones, C-Rayz Walz and Saint Recon)

“You’re mine” is the first single off J.Brookinz highly anticipated Southern Rock inspired 4/20 album #GAT3WAY. The song features Dorsh, Freddie Bunz, Grey Granite , Sean Oreo, C-rayz Walz and Saint Recon (Jesse Reddington ) on the bass. It’s a wonderful display of talent all through -out, and J. Brookinz agrees it’s some of his best work.

“GAT3WAY represents Rebel Music” says Brookinz. “All the samples were inspired by old Southern Rock (Lynard Skynard, Creedance Clearwater Fesitval, etc…) which was a huge challenge in and of itself. The Rebel Music part was actually a nod to the great Bob Marley who had an album with the same name. In this Naptown music scene I always felt like a rebel, bucking trends and pushing the status quo of this beloved genre.I never liked playing by rules set by others. I make my own. That’s what keeps me going. REBEL.” I know you guys will fulljoy the track, and don’t forget to come out to the 20Past4&More and HeavyGun Present The Countdown to 4/20 Party @ The Rock Lobster on the 19th AND cop that #GAT3WAY when it hits the streets!!!

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Rastamonday – (Moon Boots “Got Somebody”)

Moon Boots entered the world in the mid-1980s via Cape Canaveral. After years of service as the preferred footwear of celebrity astronauts (notably Tom Hanks), Moon Boots came to life during a classified experiment aboard the International Space Station. Little is known of what actually transpired aboard the shuttle, but in short, Moon Boots became a sentient creature, equipped with reason, intuition, and groove. Before long, he grew tired of working for the space-military-industrial complex and found solace in the soothing sounds of underground disco and R&B boogie records. He knew it was only of matter of time before he was hung up like so many boots before him. He abandoned the program and used his savings to build a music-production studio in an unnamed U.S. location, where he is currently working. Fulljoy this wonderful remix of a classic Wayne Wonder, bless up!

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Rastamonday – (Santigold – “Disparate youth”)


“Most of the world knows Santi White by the name Santigold, her stage name, and the title of the 2008 debut album that got everyone talking. Now it’s the Philly-born singer’s upcoming album that’s making headlines. Coinciding with the NYT premiere of the cover art for the May 1 album Master Of My Make Believe, is the release of Santi’s second video off the album: an island adventure for the single “Disparate Youth.”
Take a look as Santi treks through a “Lost”-like landscape in search of enlightenment, which she may or may not find after encountering the painted boys of an island tribe. The single drops April 9, bless up!

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