Dorsh – Neopolitan L.P.

Neopolitan is much like the ice cream it is named after. It’ s a mixture of Reggae, Electro, Disco, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dubstep, and R&B, flavors all blended into one creamy collection. When I sat down to conceptualize the Neopolitan album, I realized with my given “Jaminglican” (Jamaican, English, and American) heritage, that I was in a unique position to represent a significantly large group of people authentically. Having spent my entire life as a soccer player in the U.S. and abroad, I wanted the album to mirror the workings of the World Cup, and its function to bring people together from all parts of the globe. Soccer exposed me to many cultures and I felt it was only appropriate that I share my experiences through another universal language, music.

I made Neopolitan to show people that it is ok to be yourself, to celebrate differences, and to embrace more than ONE kind of music! People learn the best through music, and Neopolitan presents a new way to grasp the concept of a “diverse” album and artist.

Special thanks to: Kensaye, Innocent, Szjerdene, Amy Winehouse, Jane Birkin (UK),

Rastafani, Rio Sutherland, RJF, Oreo Jones, KG, Ron Miner, Gil Scott-Heron, Kamia White, Grey Granite, Zach Brown, DB Soundlab, Rad Summer (USA)

Serge Gainsbourg (France), Yuna (Malaysia), Bless up!

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Dorsh – “Alias” [Skit]

In this instant vintage classic, I show off my unique ability to swap accents at the drop of a dime (no pun intended). Like a chameleon I use my lifetime of traveling and supreme knowledge of cultures to camouflage into any scene. I teamed up with Hoodie Allen’s Producer RJF for a soulful U.K. house feel and top notch Indianapolis video director Jace, for the seductive visuals. Fulljoy the playful nature of the tune and be on the lookout for my debut L.P. Neopolitan which will be realeased May 7, 2012 via Rad Summer. Bless up!

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Dorsh – “The Mulatto (Afrodite)”

On February 13, I stumbled across an NPR Fresh Air interview with Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis.  She discussed the traditional roles of dark-skinned women in Hollywood films and made an incredible point about how ‘media inspires the mulatto from within’. I completely agreed with her position and wrote a song which features poetry from the legendary Gil Scott-Heron and production from RJF. The track is entitled “The Mulatto (Afrodite)” and it depicts the life of a girl who knows she is beautiful but falls victim to societies simulated standard of light-skinned beauty. I am reaching out because I feel that the message covers an important issue that no one is addressing in the hip hop/music community.

“The Mulatto (Afrodite)” is the second release from my debut album Neopolitan which drops via Rad Summer on May 1, 2012. Fulljoy the message, bless up!

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