Fonseca – “Paraiso”


Born in Bogota, Colombia, Fonseca chose the path of music at an early age, creating and selling his first compositions to friends and family at the tender age of 12. Studying music formally at institutions such as Javeriana University in Bogota and Berklee College of Music in Boston, he honed his compositional and performance skills. Fonseca’s self-titled debut gained him considerable attention in Colombia, including the notice of artists like Shakira and Juanes, both of whom offered him subsequent collaboration and performance opportunities. Sharing the stage with Shakira on her Mongoose tour and Juanes at Campin Stadium in Bogota garnered Fonseca the recognition and momentum he would need for his second album. Corazón explores the crossroads where pop/rock influences meet the vallenato, bullerengue, and tambora rhythms of Fonseca’s native land. Released by EMI, Corazón was well received, reaching number six on Billboard’s Latin Tropical chart. Fulljoy this track from the incredible movie “Paraiso Travel”, bless up!

Fonseca – “Paraiso

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Azymuth & European Friends – “Last Summer in Rio”

“Azymuth (Azimüth) is a three-piece electric funk jazz group from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Formed in 1972, the members are Jose Roberto Bertrami (keyboards), Alex Malheiros (bass, guitars), and Ivan Conti (drums, percussion).

They call their music “Samba Doido”, which means “Crazy Samba”.

From 1979 to 1989, they released many albums for Milestone Records. They have been releasing albums for various labels steadily since. They had a major hit with “Jazz Carnival” in 1979. Since the early 1990s, they have released albums on the London based Far Out Recordings label, whilst remaining based in Brazil, and continue to tour in Europe.

Since the advent of the remix, many of Azymuth’s songs have been redone by a wide range of artists and musicians. Several electronic acts like Jazzanova among many others, can be seen remixing their works.”

Fulljoy this live performance featuring special European guests: Francis Coletta (Guitar), Jürgen Seefelder (Sax), Nippy Noya (triangles, percussion, etc).

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Javiera Mena – “Hasta la verdad”

“Hasta La Verdad”, is the first cut from Javiera’s new album titled Mena. The record was in the works for over 3 years, a long gap in which the Chilean artist refined her youthful fixation into pop prisms. Everything brilliantly captured and elevated by Cristian Heyne, the genius producer of Esquemas Juveniles and other great Chilean landmarks including Gepe’s latest Audiovision.”

“Hasta La Verdad” reveals itself as a utopian universe of its own, with tumbling unassuming vocals, disco strings (by the great Kelley Polar), and striking reflective lyrics. It’s flowery, shimmering and very flirtatious. It might not be as immediate and accessible as any of her past singles, but it only takes a few spins to roll with it and discover its greatness.”

Javiera Mena – “Hasta la verdad

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Fania All Stars – “Ella fue (She was the one)”

“Right from start, Fania Records and its subsidiaries exceeded everybody’s expectations. The label was created in 1964. It penetrated the market so successfully and became so popular at the international level that its executives decided to broaden its talent in order to reach an even wider audience. The result? The wildly successful Fania All Stars, a group that brought together several of the label’s most popular artists. This move would further solidify the label’s standing in the international music scene.

The Fania All Stars’ first concert, “Live at the Red Garter,” was a promotional experiment designed solely to test the waters. The all-star cast included Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Ricardo Ray, and Bobby Cruz, and resulted in a live double album. The experiment couldn’t have been more successful. In 1971, the band revolutionized salsa as a genre with “Fania All Stars at the Cheetah,” a concert that was filmed and recorded live. In 1973, following a successful tour, the band made its first appearance at Yankee Stadium in New York. The stars performed before countless fans that had caught the fever and were swooning in the presence of consecrated performers of the genre such as Willie Colón, Johnny Pacheco, Bobby Valentín, Ray Barreto, and Mongo Santamaría.This concert, too, was filmed and recorded live, and set the standard in the music industry.”

Fania All Stars – “Ella fue (She was the one)”

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