Krystal Hardwick – “Trippin”

I first met Houston artist, Krystal Hardwick, in July at the Flat when Dj Center came to town. Since then, we have managed to stay in touch despite our busy schedules and even record a track together (which will be released someday)… :) Krystal has since released two new singles for download off her upcoming album, The tale of two fish, which will be released March 22.  Although it was not in her original plan, I somehow convinced her to let me post “Trippin” almost two weeks before its debut, because it is my absolute favorite from her! The track was produced by Maqman from Switzerland and Raul Pages is playing guitar. Krystal has performed in Switzerland, Italy, London and Brazil, and she can sing in a slew of different languages– Portugese being one of them. Be on the lookout for a post about her album closer to the release date. Bless up!

Krystal Hardwick – “Trippin”

Name your price on her 2-track album here:

Krystal Hardwick – “The (w)ho”

Krystal Hardwick – “Waiting to break up”

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Szjerdene – “Think it Through”

Szjerdene may be young – but, in her own words, she is a product of the past. The songwriter and musical all-rounder has forsaken the oft-rodden road of modern, commercial R&B, in favour of honing her love of the old school jazz sound, putting her own twist on the genre. Checkout the soulful UK talent and her first unofficial release for 2011 – ‘Think It Through,’ which covers the beautiful instrumental from Savath y Savalas‘ ‘Folk Song For Cello’ and was co-written by Dutch singer/songwriter Mar.

Szjerdene – “Think it through”

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74 Miles Away

74 Miles Away is a collaboration between Brussels jazz pianist Pierre Anckaert and the production team of MonkeyRobot. The concept behind the record is that Pierre Anckaert composed and recorded four electric jazz tracks with his trio, and then MonkeyRobot got their hands on them to radically rework each one. “Same dream again” features Ahu and Miles Bonny. They frame the track, providing just the right bit of structure and compliment to the tune’s otherwise vast vocal and instrumental arrangements. “Neverending Rhodes” is my other favorite off the album. Check out the downloads.

74 Miles Away – “Same Dream Again” ft. Ahu and Miles Bonny

74 Miles Away – “Neverending Rhodes”

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Jazzanova – “I can see”

JAZZANOVA – I Can See from marie alice brandner-wolfszahn on Vimeo.

“I can see” – Jazzanova ft. Ben Westbeech (DCUP remix)

The original track is incredible, I didn’t think any remix could do it justice. But, Sydney based electro DJ, DCUP came out with this creation, a smooth funk filled track. Watch the original by Austrian director Marie Alice Brandner-Wolfszahn and then grab the remix download for the weekend!

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