Labor Day Listenin’ – Free mixtape for the weekend

Whether you’re taking the week off work, just getting out of school, or on a road trip, fulljoy this free mixtape for the holiday. Bless up!

** Ian Pooley – “900 degrees” and Kanye West/Jay – Z’s “Ni**as in Paris” could not be streamed due to copyright issues. If you would like to listen to those tracks, you’ll have to download the entire mix. Cheers!

Labor Day Listenin’ by dorshmusic



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Stars – “The big fight”

Classic material from Canadian band, Stars. They released this track on their third album in 2004 on the Arts & Crafts International record label in Canada and the United Kingdom. I love the concept for this track, the man to woman dialogue of unspoken truths. Fulljoy the message and the Sunday afternoon. Bless up!

Stars – “The big fight

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