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Rastamonday – (J.Brookinz “You’re Mine” ft. Dorsh, Freddie Bunz, Grey Granite, Oreo Jones, C-Rayz Walz and Saint Recon)

“You’re mine” is the first single off J.Brookinz highly anticipated Southern Rock inspired 4/20 album #GAT3WAY. The song features Dorsh, Freddie Bunz, Grey Granite , Sean Oreo, C-rayz Walz and Saint Recon (Jesse Reddington ) on the bass. It’s a wonderful display of talent all through -out, and J. Brookinz agrees it’s some of his best work.

“GAT3WAY represents Rebel Music” says Brookinz. “All the samples were inspired by old Southern Rock (Lynard Skynard, Creedance Clearwater Fesitval, etc…) which was a huge challenge in and of itself. The Rebel Music part was actually a nod to the great Bob Marley who had an album with the same name. In this Naptown music scene I always felt like a rebel, bucking trends and pushing the status quo of this beloved genre.I never liked playing by rules set by others. I make my own. That’s what keeps me going. REBEL.” I know you guys will fulljoy the track, and don’t forget to come out to the 20Past4&More and HeavyGun Present The Countdown to 4/20 Party @ The Rock Lobster on the 19th AND cop that #GAT3WAY when it hits the streets!!!

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Dorsh – “The Mulatto (Afrodite)”

On February 13, I stumbled across an NPR Fresh Air interview with Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis.  She discussed the traditional roles of dark-skinned women in Hollywood films and made an incredible point about how ‘media inspires the mulatto from within’. I completely agreed with her position and wrote a song which features poetry from the legendary Gil Scott-Heron and production from RJF. The track is entitled “The Mulatto (Afrodite)” and it depicts the life of a girl who knows she is beautiful but falls victim to societies simulated standard of light-skinned beauty. I am reaching out because I feel that the message covers an important issue that no one is addressing in the hip hop/music community.

“The Mulatto (Afrodite)” is the second release from my debut album Neopolitan which drops via Rad Summer on May 1, 2012. Fulljoy the message, bless up!

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Oreo Jones x Action Jackson – “Black Fabio” [Video]

The video for homies Action Jackson’s and Oreo Jones’s  “Black Fabio” has been given the visual treatment by director Mike Charizopoulos of Digital Rabbit Productions. The video is dope, check em out cruisin’ around town swaggin’ out. Bless up!

“Rad Summer is proud to debut the new music video from Action Jackson and Oreo Jones for their song “Black Fabio”.  The pair linked up with director Mike Charizopoulus of Digital Rabbit Productions to craft a visually interesting and humorous interpretation of their titular character Black Fabio.  The trio ultimately conceived a plot that would encompass the life of the debonaire and irreverent lover.  If you take away nothing else from this video, please understand that from the time he awakes to the time he slumbers, Black Fabio is always living for the love the ladies.

When Oreo Jones debuted his Halloween 2010 costume Black Fabio, no one expected it to spawn a concept mixtape that keeps you dancing and laughing front to back. Nine months later and with the help of Action Jackson, that is exactly what’s been created. Just as Fabio was never constrained by wearing a shirt, OJ and Jackson chose not to be encumbered by genre and drew from anything including rap to post-punk to moombahton. The “Black Fabio” mixtape is an unique collection of 14 tracks that tell the saga of the titular character. Starting with the title track and moving forward through “Niagara Falls”, Oreo and Action prove why they are two of the most creative emerging artists. “Black Fabio” the mixtape is available for FREE DOWNLOAD or STREAM now!”


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Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva N A Day Mixtape

Last week while on tour with Oreo Jones and DMA I spent a total of 35 hours in a car with only 2 cds, Clams Casino and Big K.R.I.T. ‘s latest project “4 eva N a Day”.  When I first heard “wake up” I was hooked, it is literally what I did, and I drove through the night with the CD on repeat for 6 hours straight. There are so many meaningful messages in his songs, it’s almost hard to listen to one without wanting to hear the rest of the album. I definitely have some favorites, but the overall project is so spiritual it’s kind of unexpected. I hadn’t really checked out much of Big K.R.I.T.’s work in the past, but I am definitely hooked. This guy is really onto something, I’m sorry I missed him at SXSW, but I’m sure our paths will cross. Listen to the entire album!! Jah guide and protect you all! Peace and love brothers and sisters :p

Dorsh Music Favorites: Wake up, Boobie Miles**,  4eva N a Day, 1986

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