Talib Kweli – “Gutter Rainbows Tour”

In recent years, Talib Kweli has evolved into something of a documentarian, taking stock of those fleeting moments of optimism that spring up amid the cold concrete and broken dreams of the inner city. These too-brief moments are reflected in album titles like “The Beautiful Struggle” and “Gutter Rainbows,” a phrase inspired, in part, by a passage from “The Catcher in the Rye” where author J.D. Salinger wrote of “puddles in the streets with gasoline rainbows in them.”

“It was something I had thought about — the rainbows in the gutter — but when I read ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and it was referenced there, that was the catalyst for me going forward,” said the rapper. “And I hate to speak in the third person, but I think the tracks I picked for the album really exemplified what people have come to expect from Talib Kweli.”

Gutter Rainbows is the fourth solo album from Kweli, and it will be the first to be released off his imprint Talibra. It can be purchased here for $7.99

Talib Kweli – “Gutter Rainbows

Check out footage from the record signing session at Luna music in Indianapolis before the show! Bless :)

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Oreo Jones – “Danger “

I met Oreo Jones about 4 years ago on the beautiful campus of Butler University at my first official Dj gig. Our mutual friend Lade Akande was throwing her 21st birthday party and basically the entire city packed her 1story house from the basement floor up. Literally, there were 400 people crammed into tiny space meant to hold 150 maximum. As I got the party rockin’ to the latest hip-hop and house, I was approached by a young MC who swore to the heavens that he could spit and politely continued to ask me to drop an instrumental for him to prove it. It being my first gig, I knew what it was like trying to get a foot in the door and show everyone what you’ve got. So, I decided to drop the instrumental and let the crowd decide if he should stay on the mic or not. I pulled up Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar” because ‘if he was who he said he was, he should have no fear’ and that he didn’t! After his first 16 and the loud ass reaction from the crowd, I immediately knew that this kid had a future and for the rest of night we teamed up to keep the party jumpin’. Well, four years later we have teamed up again to rock the party at the Vogue with Talib Kweli. Come check us out tonight at 8 p.m. with special guest Alpha Live.

“Danger” from The Delicious EP:

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