Oreo Jones x DMA – The John Wayne

I’m going on tour with these guys this Friday. Check out the new banger “The John Wayne”!

CAMERA: GREY GRANITE / YOUNG CAROLYN / LISA BERLIN AD: TENDER EVANS EDIT: OREO JONES DMA x OREO JONES TOUR: 3/9 – Indianapolis, IN – The Group Home w/ Hen, Tonstartssbandht 3/11 – Nashville, TN – Dino’s w/ 84001 & Square People 3/12 – Little Rock, AR – The Royale w/ Terror Pigeon Dance Revolution, Cats in the Basement 3/15 – Austin, TX – Belvedere 3/16 – Austin, TX – MOKB 3/17 – Austin, TX – TBA 3/18 – Austin, TX – TBA

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Ska Rebirth

Winston” Sparrow” Martin is currently the musical director at Alpha Boys school in Kingston, Jamaica.  He has recently embarked upon a journey to reunite Jamaica’s youth with the original sound of ska, and spread it once again to the world, hence the name ‘Ska Rebirth.’

Several members of ‘Ska Rebirth’ have been formally trained at the prestigious Alpha Boy’s school, and most play more than one instrument.  The core foundation of the group lies within nine key members,  Odane Stephens (Keyboards), Kemroy Bonfield (Sax), Rayon Thompson (Sax), Camal Bloomfield (Sax) Lance Smith (Trumpet), Kemar Miller (Trombone) Rohan Meredith (Bass), George Hewitt (Guitar) and Winston Martin (Drums). The group is presently in the studio working on tracks for their first album, to be released during the week of Jamaica’s Fiftieth anniversary of independence in August 2012. The Band will then take off on its first promotional tour of the UK, Europe, The USA and Canada in support of the Album.

I am ecstatic to be working with Ska Rebirth as a Producer and Engineer on this upcoming album and I’m also happy to announce that, tonight they will play at the Jamaica jazz festival! As a special treat, here are two exclusive singles, from the upcoming release, ‘fulljoy’ them!

Ska on broadway

Something else

Below are some photos from the studio session:


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Daft Punk x Treasure Fingers – “Digital dancefloor (Dorsh remix)”

DJ Sun once told me that certain songs are married in the musical realm, meaning, when they speak to each other, it’s apparent that they share something special. Sometimes people tell you things that stick with you for a lifetime, simply because you know it’s true. I have spent the last couple months writing and recording Neopolitan, which hasn’t left me much time for spinning. However, last week my good friend Gerald invited me over for a session, and something beautiful happened. I took a hardrive with 150 songs (electro/disco) and “Digital love”/”Cross the dancefloor” were the first two tracks he picked from my playlist. I am a firm believer in there being ‘no such thing as coincidence,’ because when I heard the two songs speak to each other, I immediately pulled upon the aforementioned proverb.

I came home that night and started working tirelessly on chopping up the songs so that they could tell a story. The arrangement, the bass line, and the groove all came together in the end to create a smooth late 70’s disco sound. I have done dozens of remixes, but never an all out mash-up. It’s a new year, and I have decided to push my mind to new limits. I originally wanted to call the track “Digital love on the dancefloor,” but for conversation and length purposes, I kept it simple. I plan to release a slew of these before Neopolitan rises in April. Fulljoy the record, bless up!!


Daft Punk – “Digital Love”

Treasure Fingers – “Cross the danceloor”



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