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Kensaye – Going with the flow ft. (Dorsh & Snojone)

Kensaye is a super talented French producer currently living in London that I connected with through the internet. We have never formally met, but we have worked on several projects together, “Seduction” being one of them. He reached out to me after he went to Brazil and Argentina for 5 weeks. During his trip he met Snojone, and decided not only to collaborate with him, but me as well. The idea for the song is that ‘life is like a river’ sometimes it’s choppy, and other times it’s smooth. However, no matter what the state of the ‘river’ you have to be prepared to trust in yourself and “go with flow” of things. The power of the message inspired Kensaye to step from behind the board and in-front of the mic, to lay some knowledge and add some extra soul to the track.

You can live your life if you real want to. All you have to do is believe in the things that think.

- Dorsh -

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Kensaye|Ness Radio 6/1/2012

Super french producer Kensaye providing the soundtrack for the end of the work day. This mix is definitely getting the brain fluid moving. Some of these tracks will definitely see their own features, but for now just sit back and vibe. Be sure to tune in this weekend for a special set featuring, yours truly. Much respect mi breddah, Bless up!

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Dorsh – Seduction (Calculon & Austin Speed Remix)

Dorsh – “Seduction”

(Calculon and Austin Speed remix).

The Concept

Originally produced by the super talented UK based French producer KENSAYE, “Seduction” is from the Neopolitan LP. Centered around the ancient art of seduction, the tune is a real-life expression of love and it’s struggles. I was approached by Nik (Calculon) on tour in Athens Greece to do a ‘juke’ remix of the song and I agreed to hear what he came up with. Accompanied by fellow wing-man ad producer Austin Speed the two went to work on the song and truly delivered something special. The remix was released for free on the Shoot Records label launch day as their first song.

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