March 2012

Oreo Jones x DMA – The John Wayne

I’m going on tour with these guys this Friday. Check out the new banger “The John Wayne”!

CAMERA: GREY GRANITE / YOUNG CAROLYN / LISA BERLIN AD: TENDER EVANS EDIT: OREO JONES DMA x OREO JONES TOUR: 3/9 – Indianapolis, IN – The Group Home w/ Hen, Tonstartssbandht 3/11 – Nashville, TN – Dino’s w/ 84001 & Square People 3/12 – Little Rock, AR – The Royale w/ Terror Pigeon Dance Revolution, Cats in the Basement 3/15 – Austin, TX – Belvedere 3/16 – Austin, TX – MOKB 3/17 – Austin, TX – TBA 3/18 – Austin, TX – TBA

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Rastamonday – (Santigold – “Disparate youth”)


“Most of the world knows Santi White by the name Santigold, her stage name, and the title of the 2008 debut album that got everyone talking. Now it’s the Philly-born singer’s upcoming album that’s making headlines. Coinciding with the NYT premiere of the cover art for the May 1 album Master Of My Make Believe, is the release of Santi’s second video off the album: an island adventure for the single “Disparate Youth.”
Take a look as Santi treks through a “Lost”-like landscape in search of enlightenment, which she may or may not find after encountering the painted boys of an island tribe. The single drops April 9, bless up!

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Fino du rap – “Us Mininu Bom” (preview)

A few months ago, “Super French” producer Kensaye went to Brazil and Argentina for 5 weeks. During his trip he met with some incredible MC’s, singers, and musicians and decided to collaborate. Here is a snippet of the first single, “Us Mininu Bom” off the Back to school project from Brazilian MC Fino du rap. Be on the lookout for the official release, bless up!

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