January 2012

Milk and sugar – Stay around

Milk & Sugar are German-based house music producers Mike Milk (Michael Kronenberger) and Steven Sugar (Steffen Harding). They have produced remixes for Jamiroquai, Janet Jackson, Usher, No Angels, Mya, Deluxe, Steve Lawler and many more. I have been a big fan of this record for many years, and just decided to share it today! We’ve been in a very ‘disco’ mood this week, so I hope you enjoy this selection. Bless up!

Milk and sugar – Stay around

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e giovedi

Happy Thursday! If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the new remix, check it out now with some inspiring photography! It should get you ready for the weekend… Bless up!

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Andre Carvalho – Tempo do Tanto

Impeccable recordings mixed with A-class musicianship, Brazilian singer/guitar player Andre Carvalho has really opened my eyes to the amount of great music coming out of Brazil at the moment. From start to finish “Tanto do Tempo” takes you on a journey through his emotions while staying true to the beauty and complexity of his instrumentation and arranging talents. I hate to sound cliche’ but his guitar tone/style reminds me a lot of late Joao Gilberto, especially on tracks “Daquele Jeito”, “Alvo Certo”, “Nao tem fim”, and “Bom”.  I have really been wanting to explore the Rio music scene and I think I found a great place to start! Much respect to Andre Carvalho and his supporting musicans: Dadi( Guitar), Daniel Carvalho( Bass), Nando Duarte (guitar) and Carlos Sales (drums). Fulljoy this Thursday, and give thanks for all of the cultures we have in the world, bless up!

Download the Full album here:

Here are a few of my favorites:

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Daft Punk x Treasure Fingers – “Digital dancefloor (Dorsh remix)”

DJ Sun once told me that certain songs are married in the musical realm, meaning, when they speak to each other, it’s apparent that they share something special. Sometimes people tell you things that stick with you for a lifetime, simply because you know it’s true. I have spent the last couple months writing and recording Neopolitan, which hasn’t left me much time for spinning. However, last week my good friend Gerald invited me over for a session, and something beautiful happened. I took a hardrive with 150 songs (electro/disco) and “Digital love”/”Cross the dancefloor” were the first two tracks he picked from my playlist. I am a firm believer in there being ‘no such thing as coincidence,’ because when I heard the two songs speak to each other, I immediately pulled upon the aforementioned proverb.

I came home that night and started working tirelessly on chopping up the songs so that they could tell a story. The arrangement, the bass line, and the groove all came together in the end to create a smooth late 70’s disco sound. I have done dozens of remixes, but never an all out mash-up. It’s a new year, and I have decided to push my mind to new limits. I originally wanted to call the track “Digital love on the dancefloor,” but for conversation and length purposes, I kept it simple. I plan to release a slew of these before Neopolitan rises in April. Fulljoy the record, bless up!!


Daft Punk – “Digital Love”

Treasure Fingers – “Cross the danceloor”



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Jesse Boykins III – “Zoner (Demo)”

Jesse Boykins III – “Zoner (Demo)

An absolutely beautiful track from Jesse Boykins iii to start this rainy day. Fulljoy, bless!

She’ll catch me in my Zone
She’ll catch me in my Dreams
Of that I can’t condone
Cuz then she’ll really know me
She’ll catch me in a lie
A ball of mis deceit ,
I never wanted to hurt her,
but I couldn’t leave her be, I couldn’t let her be

Zoner , lost in myself
I’m such a Zoner, I need her help
But I can’t Awake

They’ll catch me doing better
They’ll catch me Happy
They’ll realize I’m Different
Then they won’t wanna be around me
They’ll catch me in a better mood
Than yesterday, and then I know for sure,
I’d have to explain .

Zoner, lost in myself
I’m such a Zoner, I don’t need your help
Cuz I don’t want to awake.

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