December 2011

Rastamonday – (Hugh Mundell “King of Israel”)

Mundell was still a teenager when he teamed with influential producer Joe Gibbs to record a still-unreleased single, “‘Where Is Natty Dread?” His first break came when he was hired as a DJ for Augustus Pablo’s Rockers sound system. His debut single, “Africa Must Be Free,” was released in early 1975. Mundell also recorded several 12″ singles as Jah Levi.

A teenage prodigy, he recorded “Africa Must be free by 1983” at the tender age of 16. The album received 5 stars from Rolling Stone Magazine. Although produced by Augustus Pablo, Hugh wrote all the songs, thereby earning himself the name “Blessed Youth”.

What seemed likely to be a brilliant career, was cut short when Mundell was shot to death in 1983 while driving in a vehicle with friend and fellow musician Junior Reid in Kingston, Jamaica. At the time of his death, Mundell had produced five LPs and numerous singles. Fulljoy this Rastamonday, and the sweet sound of this classic, Bless up!

“I love Jah Jah so, Jah Jah is real”

Hugh Mundell – “King of Israel

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Munk – Violent Love (The Twelves Remix)

Munk is the musical project of Gomma label co-founder, Mathias Modica.

“Until last year, Modica was mainly known as a DJ with  good feeling and knowledge of both old freaked out disco records and new house music. Since 2008 he has been touring with a four person live band. The band is something like a German All-Star Disco band: featuring Modica on keyboards, Pollyester on bass, Ben Mono on guitar and Berlin’s superdrummer Jens Dohle on drums.

Right now Mathias is living in Marseille and Berlin where he is producing other bands (Die Sterne etc.) and working on his new Munk album and remixes for Yeasayer, Riva Starr, Etienne de Crécy, Voltage, Danton Eeprom, Moshi Moshi and Institubes.” Fulljoy this amazing remix from Rio de Janiero’s The Twelves, Bless!

Munk – Violent Love (The Twelves Remix)

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Sam Champ Remix Instrumentals

Last year BamaLoveSoul teamed up with producer Sam Champ to bring you one of the most celebrated remix albums on the net. Now they’re reconnecting to bring you the instrumentals from the remix EP plus two additional instrumentals. Look out for Sam to co-produce an album with Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble due to be released early next year, as well as a solo project featuring a few MCs and vocalists. Also, I want to give special shout outs to DJ Rahdu and Dj Center for their involvement on the project, much respect!

Download the Remix EP HERE and get the instrumentals HERE

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Azymuth & European Friends – “Last Summer in Rio”

“Azymuth (Azimüth) is a three-piece electric funk jazz group from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Formed in 1972, the members are Jose Roberto Bertrami (keyboards), Alex Malheiros (bass, guitars), and Ivan Conti (drums, percussion).

They call their music “Samba Doido”, which means “Crazy Samba”.

From 1979 to 1989, they released many albums for Milestone Records. They have been releasing albums for various labels steadily since. They had a major hit with “Jazz Carnival” in 1979. Since the early 1990s, they have released albums on the London based Far Out Recordings label, whilst remaining based in Brazil, and continue to tour in Europe.

Since the advent of the remix, many of Azymuth’s songs have been redone by a wide range of artists and musicians. Several electronic acts like Jazzanova among many others, can be seen remixing their works.”

Fulljoy this live performance featuring special European guests: Francis Coletta (Guitar), Jürgen Seefelder (Sax), Nippy Noya (triangles, percussion, etc).

Part 1:

Part 2:

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