September 2011

Oreo Jones – “Stay Away”

Earlier this month I was approached by one of nap towns finest MC’s Oreo Jones to help produce a track for x103’s tribute album to Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. The outline was simple, it asked,  “if you woke up one morning and wrote a song off of the Nevermind album, what would the song sound like?” When we initially listened to the track it definitely brought back childhood memories, but we wanted to take things in a different direction. We knew that we were nirvana fans, but looking through our current music selections we realized that our taste had changed overtime. After contemplating for hours and lighting our last stick of ‘incense’ (haha) we decided to write completely original music but keep Cobain’s emotions. “Stay away”  is very dark, and at times angry recording, but Oreo is a gentle wolf,  so the two just didn’t mix… We played around with some sounds and drum patterns, and finally it clicked… Long story short, this is what we came up with and I couldn’t be happier!

Oreo Jones ft. Lisa Berlin – “Stay Away

I want to give special thanks to Lisa Berlin for supplying the beautiful background vocal harmonies, Chris Kellar for being the most passionate and amazing drummer I know, and Oreo for sticking it out for long hours at my studio. Also, I want to thank X103 for this amazing opportunity, all the other bands that participated in the making of this wonderful album, the Pop Machine for lending their talents, and Kurt Cobain for a lifetime of genius of recordings. Bless up!

You can download the entire album HERE!!

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Euan Holden – Wonder Goal!!

My long-time homie and teammate Euan Holden continues to “hold it down” over-seas, scoring smashing goals for Stockport County from left back! Watch as he dances through the Kettering defense as if he wasn’t 6’1″!! Funny thing is, the rest of the world sees this is as incredible, but all the homies from Houston know that he’s been trying this on the practice grounds since U-13’s to no avail lol!!! 😛 Congrats U on your Un.Herd.Of originality and I wish you a healthy and brilliant rest of the season! Cheers!

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Rastamonday – (Chris Martin – “Cheaters Prayer”)

This fresh new track from reggae artist Chris Martin has managed to breach two categories on Dorsh Music this week! Not only is it the feature of the day for RastaMonday, but it is also the latest inductee into our most prestigious music category, “Un.Herd.Of“. The entire blog is based off the Un.herd.Of principle, which is centered around celebrating originality. This track speaks to men in relationships from across the globe as the chorus states “Oh lord don’t let me cheat on my girlfriend… But if you can’t stop me from cheating, just don’t let me get caught”! Now, under no circumstances do I condone deceitful behavior, but there are those who do, and I think it’s pretty cool that he could come out and say what alot of men are actually thinking. Especially ones who are in dead end relationships that don’t know how to break it off. Whether you’re a fan of the lyrics or not, this track is undeniably original and should be celebrated for that simple fact. Much respect to all the men and women out there who are in faithful relationships, and to those who aren’t, listen to Chris Martin’s – “Cheaters Prayer” hahaha Cheers! Bless up!

Chris Martin – “Cheaters Prayer

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Tjani – SebastiAn x Mayer Hawthorne x Skrillex – Love in Motion (tjani moombahton edit)

My Jamaican homie Tjani has made a wicked splash on the EDM scene over the past few months since his return to hometown, NYC. His good vibes and hard work has spread to some of the biggest names in the dance music scene and he is now reaping some of the benefits. This “Love in motion remix” is his first official release and to his credit, it became so popular/controversial in 24 hours that Youtube asked him to remove it due to copyright issues. I’m not sure what transpired, but somehow he was able to get it hosted LEGALLY on soundcloud! Support the project by downloading it, and play it loud! Bless up “DELLE“! :p

SebastiAn x Mayer Hawthorne x Skrillex – Love in Motion (tjani moombahton edit) by tjani

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Dj G-Sharp – “September Reggae Mix”

Wicked new reggae mix from Chicago based selector DJ G-sharp of the Tropical Storm Soundsystem. Featuring tracks from Taurus Riley, I-wayne, Sizzla, Beres and Jah Cure this mix definitely makes you want to jump on a plane to JA! Check out DJ G-Sharp at Angels & Kings  every Monday and Mr. Brown’s Lounge (2301 W. Chicago) every Wed & Sat in Chicago. Bless up!

Dj G-Sharp Reggae Mix Sept 2011 by DJ G-ShArP

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