July 2011

Tursdeh (Jamaican Patois)

Thursday would not be same without a load of sexy pictures and a groovy song from Dorsh Music. This week we have chosen to share the Proper Villains x Black Fabio Remix of Dev’s “Dancin’ in the Dark,” featuring none other than our very own Dorsh. Turn it up loud and find some weekend inspiration in the captive photos!

Dancin’ in the Dark – Dev (Proper Villains x Black Fabio Remix) ft. Dorsh

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Augie March – The Cold Acre

I had this video up last week as the ‘video of the day’, but after watching it, I realized the symbolism ‘carried’ such an important message, that it needed to be archived instead of briefly visited for one day. If you’re looking for answers about anything in life, watch this entire video, and pay close attention to how the music builds with the characters and the mood. I’d love to hear some of your interpretations! Much respect, Bless up!

The Cold Acre” is the second single released from Moo, You Bloody Choir, the third studio album from Australian indie rock band Augie March.

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La Greca – “Moombionic Mixx”

My good friend La Greca is a Boston based musician, DJ, and producer with a love for all things rhythmic. Captivated by the texture and timbre in music from a young age, she has always embraced a wide range of genres and styles. She pursued twelve years of classical and jazz piano training, during which she also experimented with music composition as a self-taught guitarist and found her calling as a producer of electronic music. Heavily influenced by her ethnic Greek heritage, La Greca is constantly inspired by the diverse and dynamic sounds of various cultures and histories.

She will take her Djing and producing to London, where she plans to spend the next year, and is currently working on original EDM and moombahton/moombahsoul compositions. In her latest “Moombionic Mixx”, she gives us a look into her crates, and the many faces of moombahton.

moombionic mixx by La Greca

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