May 2011

Burning Hearts – Into the Wilderness

I came across this incredible track from Burning Hearts today at Starbucks. When I first heard it, I was immediately drawn to the 80’sesque synth and drum patterns. It’s not usually something I would listen to but for some reason I just really liked the song and how it flowed. Anyway, I went ahead and checked out some info on them and turns out, they’re from Turku, Finland! They have a super fresh sound, and what makes them even cooler is that they have an New E.P. coming out June 21st, on Shelflife! Check out the video and transcend ‘into the wilderness’. Bless up!’

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RastaMonday – (Gyptian)

For this week’s installment of RastaMonday we have chosen famed lover’s rock singer Gyptian. Last year he received world-wide fame with his hit sinlge “Hold yuh” which got much backlash from the broadcasting commission and locals alike for sexual connotations. Gyptian, is however,  adamant that there was no intention of sexual suggestion. Gyptian’s infectious tune topped the billboard charts and won a slew of awards in the reggae category. Well, today we are moving away from controversy and featuring one of his earlier chart toppers “You never know”. Much respect, Bless up!

Gyptian – You never Know

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