April 2011

Toddla T – “Take it back”

Toddla T, aka Thomas Mackenzie Bell, is a DJ, record producer, re-mixer, and composer originally from Sheffield, South Yorksire, England. Bell currently resides in Queens Park, London where he shares a residence with longterm girlfriend, world renowned and influential Irish, club and Radio 1 DJ, Annie Mac. This track “Take it Back” featuring Shola Ama and J2K is the first single off his upcoming album Watch Me Dance, due out in August. Its soulful sound is sure to get you up and moving. Grab the download! Bless!

Toddla T – “Take it back”

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Henri Salvador – Chambre avec vue

Henri Salvador was 83 years old when he completed his final album Chambre avec vue (room with a view).  This beautifully directed video lets you into the mind of  the man born in 1917. He shows us how love can be peaceful and true as long as we imagine it to be that way. So, today be happy, show love, and see life through your ‘room with a view”. Bless up!

“Somewhere out there, in a room with a view

Somewhere out there, where the roses are blue

I’ve seen heaven, in a dream coming true

I’ve seen heaven, cause I’ve been there with you, peaceful and new

By a doorway in a room with a view

By a doorway on a wall painted blue

Fall and winter, and a picture of you

Tears and laughter, in the eyes I once new

Peaceful and true, Peaceful and true”



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Labi Siffre – “It must be love”

Labi Siffre is a British poet, songwriter, musician and soul singer that has spent his entire career breaking down boundaries. The openly gay singer has built a small cult following with works that deal squarely with homophobia and racism. In addition to his nine albums, the multi-talented Siffre has written three books of poetry and has also written for the stage. Musically, Siffre is known for his soulful, soprano voice and thought-provoking lyrics. His single “I Got The” from his 1975 album Remember My Song received a modicum of fame decades after its release when its funky piano hook was sampled in Eminem’s 1999 debut smash single “My Name Is.” In 1988, Siffre had a hit with his anti-apartheid anthem “(Something Inside) So Strong,” a song that embodies his vocal talents and his social conscience. Also in 2007  Siffre’s “My song” was sampled by Kanye West to create “I wonder” off the Graduation album. Labi Siffre is a soul legend and his songs and lyrics have stood the test of time. So, educate yourselves on where popular songs are coming from and respect the roots! Bless up!

Labri Siffre – “It must be love

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