October 2010

Chico Mann – “Anima”

Chico Mann aka Marcos Garcia, a Cuban-born musician based in New York, plays a multitude of instruments, and makes music that draws on everything from Hip-Hop and Electro to 30′s years of Afro-Cuban musical intersection. Analog Drift (Muy Esniqui) is an evolved album with diversity from track to track. Some tracks are deeper down tempo cuts like Go To That Place which contrast with harder-hitting upbeat cuts like Guárdalo (El Silencio) and Ya Yo Sé. The genius of Garcia’s (and therefore Chico Mann’s) sensibility is their appreciation of things both new and old-school and their ability to marry the two worlds so seamlessly. The instrumentation and presentation allude to a strong old-school flavor yet the production quality and overall sound have a modern sensibility and refinement.
I highly recommend that you check out Chico live. He has just returned from Australia and is touring the states, last night in Miami and tonight (Fri. Oct 29th) in Houston at the Mink. Dj Sun and I will be opening with a never before seen performance of some of my latest tracks. You can check out one of my favorite tracks from Chico Mann, “Anima”, below.
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Chico Mann tonight (Fri Oct. 29) @ The MINK!!!

Me and DJ Sun will be teaming up to bring you a never before seen performance of my latest tracks! Also, Chico Mann will be brining down the house with an array of crazy afro-cuban electric funk rythms!! Tickets can be purchased at the door at The MINK 3718 Main St. at Alabama Houston, Texas!!

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Gregory Issacs, Dies at home in London.

Reggae artist Gregory Isaacs died at the age of 59 this morning (Oct. 25). Isaacs, best known internationally for his 1982 album “Night Nurse,” passed away following a long battle with lung cancer. Isaacs had a lengthy career and released more than 50 albums. I grew up listening to his soft voice and he will never be forgotten. RIP ‘Cool Runner’.

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DJ Okawari – “Luv Letter”

DJ OKAWARI is a Japanese DJ and Producer- This song, “Luv Letter” is off his album entitled “Coexistence of Life and Music.” The goal of his mixes are to create an increasing emphasis on the sound relationship between scenes and emotions of life. In his own words, “I express what I feel when I live by a sound. I hope that you as a listener have your own sound in your life.” Simply close your eyes and try to imagine the scene he is creating. Bless up!

“Luv Letter” – DJ Okawari [right click to download]

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