July 2010

Ian Pooley ft. Rosanna & Zelia – Coracao Tambor

Blessings to Dj Sun from Houston, Texas for putting me on this one. I know its old (2000) but it has been on constant repeat my in itunes. Pay close attention to the people in the video and how their simple roles in society are portrayed so beautifully within the context of their culture. The people dancing in the bar @ about 2:30 are a testament to how beautiful life can be when everyone is dancing to the beat of their own drum. This ones in Portuguese, and the love is coming from the drums, the beat! Bless up! :)

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“How’s Jillian Feeling?”

Earlier this month I featured a song from Freddie Joachim entitled “Awake”. In the post I was discussing all the changes that life had been throwing my way and how “the track had helped me realize that even though you may go through hard times, there is always hope once you are “Awake” to the endless possibilities available to change your situation.” Now, by no coincidence did I write this, and I thank God that I have that day recorded because I honestly just witnessed a miracle…

Two days ago, I received a message from a long-time friend who used to date my a buddy of mine in High School.  Although we hadn’t seen each other since our graduation, Jill and I often stayed in touch through facebook. Our relationship has always been real and she’s been like a little sister to me. So, on May 23, 2009 when her baby brother died at the tender age of 20, I felt it deep in my soul. I felt as if it was my brother that had passed. He and I used to have a non-verbal relationship based solely on the love of music and the bass guitar. He would always say to me “Yo Dorsh slap that bass” (because he believed all black men were inherently good slap string bass players). He was a man of few words, but his heart was pure… When I went to visit Jill on Tuesday it was weird for me to not see him running down the stairs with his guitar in hand. It simply showed me how quickly life changes. Brett’s life and death are a testament to how precious time is with the ones we love and those who loves us back. I probably exchanged 100 words with him in his entire life, but I shared 1,000 smiles with him, easily. Since I went away to Indiana for college, I was unable to attend the funeral, but my prayers made it and I can see how today…
In the wake of loosing loved ones, we often forget to ask each other “How we are doing”. Jill was my friend. She still is. Her family accepted me and for this I am grateful. So in return, I decided, as a Recording Engineer/Artist, to find out “How Jillian’s feeling'” and record it… The plan was for her to write down exactly what she was feeling then, and how she is feeling now (almost exactly one-year later). So, we embarked on a two day journey of remembrance… We listened to all of Brett’s favorite tracks, we revisited things she had wrote shortly after his death, and we vented.. And then vented some more… And then finally we recorded.  Here is some live footage from the studio session:

How’s Jillian feeling- finding the bassline from Dorsh Deans on Vimeo.

Brett was a musician. He played Bass, and he played guitar. He died, and left those things behind, but they were his. So, I decided that what better way for him to live on, then through what he loved most, music. I took his bass. I took his acoustic. And I took his sister’s words of undying love for him, and made a song–something that can never die. At the beginning of this post, I told you I experienced a miracle and the miracle was that, just a few days prior to seeing Jill, I posted that “it is a blessing to be “Awake” and not sleeping forever…” And now after being confronted with that reality so close to home, I have realized that there is synergy to the earth.

At the end of our two day recording process, this is what she had to say. “Other worldly beings can inspire and even contribute to music. Music can be a vehicle of communication transporting emotion, persona, and information. It can be inspirational or depressing, motivational or defeating, selfless or self serving, for good or bad. Like signs along the roadside, it remains an ever present and well used method of communication within the ranks of knowledgeable people.” Finally, through her words and our song, I know that this is “How Jillian’s feeling'”… I was “Awake” to the possibility that I had the power to impact someone’s life and I did not shy away from it. I experienced a miracle. Bless Up!

So Simply by Dorsh

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