June 2010

Skream- “Dutch Flowerz”

Old track from dubstepper SKREAM, but its perfect for a saturday afternoon as beautiful as this one! And with the World Cup well underway, what better way to ring in this joyous world event then with some smooth reggae?  (Right-click to download)

“Dutch Flowerz”

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Courtney John- “Lucky Man”

Back in March one of my Kenyan friends left this record in my car after a night out on the town. At first I thought it was an old rocksteady tune, but then I came to find out that it was recently released off of Courtney John’s “Made in Jamiaca” album. I really liked the “old ska/rocksteady” sound and the production techniques used to capture it. All in all I think its a good track from Mr. John, anD I am looking forward to seeing what else he has for us in the future! Keep listening!

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Freddie Joachim- “Awake”

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the long vacation I have taken away from the site, but I promise this months selections will be representative of all the travels I have been on. The journey between graduating Butler and moving back to Texas has been rough, but also very exciting. Since the last blog I have been to Jamaica (while the Christopher “Dudus” Coke incident was at peak violence), Miami, Lexington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Atlanta, Houston, Indianapolis, Houston again, and of course VEGAS! So long story short, I haven’t had much time to blog! But now with the World Cup Craze and my schedule a little lighter, I can bring you Unconventional music again!

With all that said, lets get down to business. This track “Awake” by Freddie Joachim has been getting a lot of spins during my downtime on the road. It’s such a smooth soulful groove that has helped to ease all my troubles and stresses of the day. This track helped remind me that even though you may go through hard times there is always hope once you are “Awake” to the endless possibilities available to change your situation. So, next time you are down about anything, remember that it is a blessing to be “Awake” and not sleeping forever… I hope that this track can serve the same purpose for you as well.. Furthermore, I came across the album GETAWAY several months ago when I was visiting my best friend at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio and immediately fell in love with the ‘smoothness’. It was the first time that I had ever heard anything from Freddie, but after doing some research on him, I found even more cool music from him. If you would like to catch up on GETAWAY and this Dj/Music Producer check out his Website Bless up!

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