April 2010

Flight Facilities- “Crave You”

This weekend I attended the Penn Relays to see Usain Bolt compete in the 4×1 relay for Jamaica. While I was there I had the chance to catch up with my buddy Jon Moore who is currently a student at Penn. I must say that I found the campus to be absolutely gorgeous, and the school’s paper “shout outs” to be unbelievably liberal but equally hilarious. The weekend brought me great joy, and of course great music. I heard this Flight Facilities- “Crave You” playing at a party after ‘Hey Day’ and absolutely had to have it. The feel of the song is so genuine and smooth I had to post it to the blog. Im not sure how old it is, but it really doesn’t matter because good music is timeless.
In general, I found that ‘The Penn kids” have pretty good taste in music (as they should paying over 50k for Uni) and that east Philly is no place to be after dark! Take this track into the week with you my friends, so that by friday, you’ll know all the words :) Bless up!

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